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25/08/18 - Bottled Coolers v Mains Fed Coolers

We provide an extensive range of high quality bottled water dispensers and mains fed dispensers. Both offer a naturally refreshing source of drinking water, but which type of dispenser is right for you, bottled or plumbed in?

Here's a quick summary on both;

We have specialised in providing bottled water coolers for many years and stock dispensers to suit all environments and budgets. They are an efficient way of providing naturally refreshing drinking water and offer great value for money.

Great tasting spring water - Many people prefer the taste of bottled water to filtered tap water. We choose the award- winning Wenlock Spring for its excellent clean taste and subtle water taste.

Easy to install - Bottled water coolers have the benefit of being very user friendly, just plug it into the nearest power point for naturally refreshing water in seconds, whereas a mains fed dispenser requires a proper installation by a trained engineer.

Flexible - Bottled dispensers simply require a power source, so they're portable and fit into most office spaces whereas one of our mains fed dispensers will need to be sited relatively near to the water pipe system.

Free Trial - As our bottled dispensers are so easy to install we can offer a free, no obligation 7- day trial on all our machines, giving you the opportunity to make sure the bottled machine is the right one for you before committing to a longer term agreement. Due to the nature of the installation process, we are unable to offer a free trial on our mains fed dispensers.

However, for some customers, especially those who require a water machine for a busy environment, they prefer the no hassle option of a stylish mains fed dispenser.

Space saving - Mains fed water dispensers eliminate the need for storage space - they don't come with the large water bottles that our bottled coolers need therefore if you are short of space a plumbed in machine may be more suitable for your location.

Consistently reliable - A plumbed in machine runs off your own mains fed water system, therefore there is never a risk of running out of water. They provide a limitless supply of filtered tap water and are especially suited to those that require outstanding performance in high footfall environments.

No hassle - With a mains fed dispenser you don't have to think about ongoing water deliveries or storage of bottles and regular servicing is included as part of the package. All of this is included with just 1 monthly payment. Nice and simple!

WRAS Engineers - It's true that a mains fed dispenser requires more installation time than one of our bottled coolers, however a site visit by one of our fully trained engineers can normally be undertaken within 48 hours of your enquiry, without obligation and free of charge. This will help us determine the best location to site your machine and is followed by a professional and timely installation.

Whichever you choose, your staff and visitors will all benefit from the provision of clean, fresh drinking water. If you're still not sure which type of machine is best for your environment, then give our sales team a call and they will be happy to make a recommendation based on your requirements.

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