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Our mains fed hot water boilers are becoming increasingly popular in office environments and staff rooms but one question we always get asked by our customers is why should they have one and what advantages do they offer?

In short, our mains fed water boilers combine style, function, reliability and value for money. They are ideal for environments that require a constant and reliable flow of piping hot water.

Time Saving

The main advantage of a hot water boiler is time. Not only does boiling a kettle over and over cost you money it also takes time. A hot water boiler will significantly reduce the time it takes for your staff to make a hot drink resulting in less congestion in the kitchen and a happier team, plus for you it means a more efficient workforce as your employees are back at their desks sooner than before.

Money Saving

Boiling a kettle costs an average of 2.5p every time, multiple that per employee, each time they make a drink and the costs can spiral. Hot water boilers are much more energy efficient as they only use the exact amount of water needed when compared to a kettle that is normally filled with a lot more water than is required therefore taking longer to boil and using more energy. So not only does the reduced energy consumption save you money on your electricity bill, it also positively impacts on your carbon footprint.

Compact and Stylish Designs

Our range of hot water boilers are the perfect solution for self service operations, catering and hospitality establishments, staff rooms, office kitchens plus any other location where a consistent rate of hot water is required. We offer a stylish range of both counter top and wall mounted water boilers so we have something to suit all locations, even if you're short on space.


Our hot water boilers are fitted with unique built-in filtration systems that filters the tap water before it's dispensed ensuring premium water quality for your staff and visitors and reduced scale build-up.

Still need convincing?

It's time you reduced your costs and saved time with one of our hot water boilers!

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