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10/07/2019 - Tea and Coffee...What Are The Benefits?

Most of us enjoy a cup of hot tea and coffee, especially with the colder weather approaching. It can be the perfect start to your day and with an endless variety to choose from, we all drink them for different reasons... they can stimulate, calm, revive, refresh, relax and warm us up and it's nice to know that although it isn't a substitute for water there are numerous health benefits to drinking them both.

So what is the importance of tea and coffee in our daily lives...

  • Both can help to fight against a number of different cancers
  • Coffee may lower the risk of developing heart disease and dementia, with tea also showing promise for protecting brain health Both have been linked to a lower risk of type 2 diabetes
  • Tea helps to improve digestion and long term consumption of green tea can aid weight loss and help with obesity
  • Tea is also full of antioxidants which help to keep you feeling fresh and looking great
  • Moderate consumption of Caffeine improves our attention, memory performance, increases physical performance and muscular recovery
  • As well as hot water dispensers, we also offer a hot beverage service, a range of hot in-cup drinks for your workplace including both tea and coffee.
  • The benefit of our hot drinks is that they are already in the cup, therefore all you have to do is add hot water. Quick and easy to make, they are perfect for use in any organisation where you would like to offer your staff, customers and/or visitors a choice of drink at your premises.
  • So next time you sit down with a hot cup of tea or coffee, you can do so in the knowledge that your cuppa comes with a whole host of potential health benefits... enjoy!

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