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09/01/17 - Ready, Steady, Detox

December is well and truly behind us and the new year is here which is a great time to rid the body of all the toxins from the overindulgences of the festive season. We all know that drinking more water is good for our health and our range of watercoolers are not only naturally refreshing, there's a host of other benefits too.

Drink more water and benefit from higher levels of energy, a boosted immune system, better sleep and improved concentration during the day, clearer skin, lower cholesterol levels and more balanced blood sugar levels. What's more, drinking more water isn't just better for the individual, it's better for your business or organisation too, keeping your employees healthy and hydrated improves productivity and reduces sickness levels.

The British Nutrition Foundation recommends drinking at least 8 glasses (approx. 2 litres) of water every day. Although your size, the temperature and how active you are can all make a difference (so if you've kick started a new fitness plan and you're exercising a lot, you'll need to drink more).

Drinking the recommended 8 glasses of water every day for just 30 days can massively impact the way you feel, why not try it, help to banish those January blues and see how you feel?

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